Sunny Leone Website Review

Sunny Leone Website Review

We are in distinguished company here, with the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2003 and Vivid contract star Sunny Leone. I guess Sunny must have a few things going for her in the looks department then? Yes indeedy, if you like gorgeous brunettes who are hornier than a crash (weirdest collective noun ever?) of rhinos. Sunny, who is Indian by ethnicity but was born and raised in Canada, is not merely an ultra-successful porn star. This sultry Sikh has acted in several mainstream films and, according to everyone’s favourite online encyclopedia, is also a successful businesswoman.

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Indian Pornstar Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Sometimes you see a sexy babe and you won't even know she is from India. This happened to me while writing a story about bikini pictures on an Erotic Model Blog where I was requested to research information on famous pornstar Sunny Leone. My research yielded into the discovery of her being a daughter of an Indian mother and father from Tibet. Her parents immigrated to Canada before she was born. The Canadian actress can be classified as Indian Tibet pussy, genetically. The images of her that have recently been published on Bikini Riot where she lounges around a large swimming pool after undressing a dot bikini are very hot to say the least!

Shiva Shaw


I like Indian girls with big boobs. Shiva Shaw is probably one of the hottest London Indian babes you can imagine. According to her website the Indian teen babe became a UK pornstar at the tender age of 19 years. She loves to pose in sexy executive dresses and she is involving herself in lesbian love with all of her beautiful natural breasts.

shiwa shaw
Big natural breasts of huge dimensions are Shiva Shaw's trademark

British-Indian Amateur

Her name is Salim and she is one of those spiffy Indian girls from London. I think it's easy to see her nude image was not taken this year. It's over 20 years ago Salim started to model for nudes. She can be seen on retro British porn site Astral Blue together with many other British and Indian amateurs from the UK, some of the first timers got cated for porn shoots and become famous UK porn stars later on. Salim always claimed to be an Egyptian pussy, but her extreme bush made it obvious, she is a true Indian amateur as she was born in New Delhi.

Hairy British Indian
Super hairy British-Indian amateur Salim masturbates her natural bush

Priya Rai

I did not suspect to find an Indian porn star on an American pornsite named King Dong, but hey ... things happen. I was stunned to see an Indian chick Priya Rai on one of their tour pages. Priya is a busty Idian porn goddess that looks more sexy than any other Indian babe I have ever seen on a porn site before. Unfortunately, she is the only well known Indian porn actress in the USA. I wish they would more hot Indian babes like her in commercial porn. I would just watch Indian pussy and forget about the European sex movies.

Priya Rai
Indian sexxx goddess Priya Rai delivers doggy-style sex for a big stunt cock from Miami.

Arabian Pussy

You would suggest to find Arabian Pussy on a site like Arab Streethookers, but that's certainly not the case. There are no Saudia Arabian streetwhores around that pose for porn sites and while prostitution is widely spread in Dubai none of the prostitutes selling there bodies is Arab. Most hookers risking their lives in the Arabic countries are Russian, Asian, African and Indian. Yes, most of the so called Arabic porn chicks from Arab Streethookers are Indian sluts. Have a closer looks at the Desi bitches and you will see most of them are from Delhi or Mumbai while a couple of others are fat Latinas from Costa Rica and other Central American countries. The producers of the websites have admitted to their fraud publicly, but they keep on running the scam. Why? Because it is easier to recruit Indian sluts for porn shoots when you tell them they will be featured as Arab girls rather than Indians. And they want horny Arabs to join their websites. That's the trick behind it. I guess most Pakistani porn sites feature Indian women as well. I bet it's very difficult to find authentic Pakistani pussy from Islamabad. And how about Iranian porn from Teheran bedrooms or Iraqi sex out of Baghdad dens? Guess what, they are mostly Indians, too!

arab pussy
Indian slut Nandi gets abused as a Arab street prostitute, but of course she is Indian and the website title just a silly fantasy to lure Arabic men into spending money on porn

Indian Live Sex

I found this sex chat site with an Indian title: Indian Live Sex Chat. Hey, man, what a fuck up. I thought I could see a lot of Desi babes doing online sex, but the Indian title is pretty deceptive. Actually, most of the girls are from South-East Asian countries like the Philippines, the other dominant country in the outsourcing sex biz. I found 2 desi chicks from India who were featured inside the Latina section. Kinda funny to find Indian cam girls where you least expect them. I guess it's a nice find for Filipina lovers, but certainly not for Indians.

indian chat
A screen shot from a fake Indian live sex site

Indian Butts

Are you as ass-guy? I mean, do you like Indian girls with nice butts? That's pretty much what you find on Indian Butt Magic, an Indian XXX site dedicated to round ass Indian girls and Indian anal porn. The tour looks a bit more promising than the actual content, but good Indian XXX is real had to come by. You have to take what you get as in most cases. What's so special about Indian Butts? They have nice dark brown cracks and solid strech marks. You get a good grip when having anal sex with a Indian babe. Anything else you want to know about Indian asses, you gotta have a look at Indian Butt Magic to find out more.

indian butt

Hot Indian mom poses for softcore nudes including full nudity and dildo play

Hardcore India

It's pretty tough to find Indian porn. Even worse, most of the Indian porn sites are very disappointing with spiffy tours and cheap trials, but old and overused content and unethical upsale traps that make my head shake in contempt. One of the very few Indian porn sites that stand out of the small crowd: Hardcore India. This site has been around for many years. It offers quanity and quality content to keep a visitor happy for some time. From what I can judge it includes Indian porn scenes from India as well as Anglo-Indian scenes that were filmed in the UK. I guess most of Indian sex movies are produced in London rather than in New Delhi so nothing new on this front. Anyhow, Hardcore India is an established site and not a fly-by-night venture and they receive decent reviews all around. Their content is mixed bag between sexy Indian teens in softcore poses to Delhi gangbangs and Indian mature blowjobs. The site changed ownership recently, so we will need to see if this will effect the site positively.

indian boobs
A busty Indian babe spreads her legs in a softcore Anglo-Indian photo set

Busty Bollywood

Have you ever heard of Jayde, the busty Bollywood boob queen? She operates her own website Hot Indian Babe. Her site does not reflect the typical poverty striven third world Indian porn you see on so many other sites. Jayde is a more sophisticated Indian babe who loves to dress up in sexy lingerie, teases with pantyhose and nylons, but tears her clothes off in a heartbeat when she gets down and dirty. Her site is updated on a weekly basis with her own exclusive content and a bonus section. Over 25000 photos and videos can be seen inside the members area. A pretty solid count for such a flawlessly shaven Indian pussy with great big boobs. Wouldn't you love to have Jayde be your sexy secretary in New Delhi or Kolkata ... or in London?

Hot Indian Babe
Hot Indian Babe Jayde presents her shaved Indian vagina

Sexy Malvina

Have you ever been to London? If yes, than you know that the most sexy Indians don't live in New Delhi or Mumbai, but in London. Colonized by imperialistic Britons a few hundred years back, a lot of Indian have left their home country and settled down in England. The amount in sexy Indian women you observe on the streets of London is absolutely smashing. Don't be surprised to find a lot of Indian amateurs on British porn sites, just like on Suburban Sluts, a site dedicted to fresh ladies from the UK. One of the great looking Indian amateurs on this site is called Malvina. She is a typical Indian girl from London.

malvina amateur
British Indian amateur Malvina loves to masturbate for Suburban Sluts

Bombay Porn

She calls herself Barbie, but she keeps a very low profile. Maybe she is afraid of to much exposure as Indian porn is not legit in India itself and Barbie is a protected trademark for a doll as everybody knows. Most other Indian sex sites have their content scattered all over the internet, but Bombay Barbie who claims to be a porn star is hardly available anywhere else than her own exclusive Indian XXX site. The free part of her site is very censored, but it gives a good glimpse of what to expect from the inside. It can be assumed she shows off her great Bombay bubble butt and she is engaging in a sandwich with two guys. That's a pretty good start :-)

bombay porn star
One of the very few publicly available images of Bombay Barbie, a self acclaimed Indian porn star

Thai-Indian Asha

While most Indian porn sites are produced in the UK, very little people know that Thailand has a very large community of Indian people. mahny Indians fled their country after World War II and settled down in Bangkok and other Thai cities. They found a new home and live in Thailand for many generations. Some Indian families have some very sexy daughters, just like Asha Kumara. Spiffy Asha is the first Indian teen from Thailand to be featured on her on website. When they started shooting her she was 18 years of age. That was 2 years ago. Her ethnic heritage is very obvious so she never mad it as a Thai girl, but this also dinguishes her from other Indian and Thai girls. She is a bit of a teaser, so be prepared to see her play with panties and underwear a lot. Her nudes are pretty nice. You gotta love her pear shaped Indian ass.

Thai indian
Thai Indian babe Asha in her favorite outfit: topless with cotton panties

Indian Prostitutes

Prostitution is very popular in India. The brothels of New Delhi and Kalkutta are world famous and have been settings for numerous documentaries. If you look for info on Indian prostitutes you can check some tidbits on the World Sex Archives about the sex scene in Mumbai: Indian Prostitution.
There are many quality traditional sex workers around india like Peddapuram near Rajamandri in Andhrapradesh. Its a small town, there are 20 old whore houses. Typically they will have a white dog, a man and old women and a couple of girls. Be aware of the bad hygene in Indian red-light districts and bring your own condoms as most hookers are unable to provide protection for sexual intercourse. As an alternative you can always try upscale escort agencies in big cities. Many of them advertise on the internet, but be aware as many of them use fake images on their websites to lure you into spending a lot of money. Dealing with pimps and hookers in India is a real challenge and does not compare to the commercial sex scene in any other part of the globe.

Welcome to India Sexxx

Somehow you found our nice little Indian sex blog on the net. Congratz! I hope you will be able to find some valueable information on our Desi chicks site. I just took this site over from the previous webmaster who used it to post free Indian porn sites for lovers of Delhi girls in hardcore action. One of his sites that he compiled contained a couple of free sample Images from a Indian porn site like <[nude-indian-woman/]Nude Indian Woman]> or <[hardcore-india-sex/indiaxxx/]Hardcore India Sex]>. He was a real expert in Indian sex sites, but he decided to quit the business because his wife did not like him to look at nude girls on his PC all the time. Now, I am getting into this topic and I must say Indian chicks are some of the hottest girls on the planet. I love their crispy dark skin and their awesome body fragrance. Awesome. Hope to have some more Indian sexxx news out for you every couple of days. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy reading our blog.

nude Indian woman
A nude Indian woman stimulates her Desi vagina during a swimming lesson.

Hardcore India sex and Desi chicks from Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Kolkata. Oh, and a few Indian escorts mixed with Tandori pussy. Well, everything you ever wanted to known about Indian chix having sex with a rolling camera.